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Studio 303 is a film production and a space for creative work. We love good stories, inspiring pictures, new ideas and bringing passionate people of all ages and kinds together to create.

From our perspective, it's time to change something. To rethink the industry and to try new things.

We are young minds, that make short films, feature films and music videos, we write stories, create ideas and the most important point: we make it happen. 


My name is Tabea Maria Bartl. I´m a young artist from Hamburg, Germany. I write, produce and direct movies. Since a very young age I had the chance to work in front and behind the camera. I also gained many experiences at internships I did at for example Network Movie, Deli Pictures, Loft Studios and other companies within the industry. I started writing scripts when I was 12 and made my first short film "Theo" with 17. Throughout my work I had great opportunities to be taught by different mentors the skills and knowledge that I have now. 

I'm Tom C. Dux. I mostly work behind the camera as D.O.P and editor and partly also produce films.

I've always been passionate about movies, watching or creating them. 

From 2018-2021 I did my apprenticeship at Markenfilm and after that, I was an intern in the Woodland Studios. In addition I made my own films and gained more experience during different kind of jobs on set. Since January 2023 I work as an editor at Hafengold Film.

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